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Too many people exist online for public consumption.
Too many people exist online to publicly consume others.

It’s absurd to expect that you, the content consumer, wants me in your feed. Why should you subscribe? You shouldn’t. You should take from here anything you find useful and then forget about it until chance or providence puts it on your feed again.

You don’t owe me a subscription and I don’t owe you regular content.

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I’m not going to make grandiose promises about content.

I will update this when I want to say something and when I have the time to put those thoughts online. Do not expect daily or weekly or even monthly updates. Don’t be surprised if you get three updates in a row and then hear nothing for six months. Don’t expect anything from this newsletter other than what’s provided and know that I won’t ever expect anything from you besides respectful interaction.

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I don’t know if I’m building a crew.

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